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Critical Alignment Model

Many attempts to reshape organizations inevitably have a scattershot quality—a little bit here, a little bit there. The teams leading the charge never really know whether the changes they’re working so hard on, will have a real effect. But viewing the organization with critical decisions in mind transforms the process. You’re now focused on what matters— and you know that improving these decisions will generate better performance.


We help you clarify your high priorities so you can make the best decisions to generate optimal performance.

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At Anna Hay Consulting we work from this understanding: 

Balance Is Everything 

When one key area of business is off-balance everything is at risk. 


Congratulations on taking the first step to improve the health of your business and the people you've invested in!  Targeting emerging challenges and transforming them into opportunities is exactly the outcome you deserve.


Our Clients are Leaders 

We work with individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses and medium sized corporations around the globe.

  • You are your company’s chief decision maker

  • Your annual revenue is up to $10 million

  • You have at least 5 employees


You will never make a better decision

AHC Business Development and Coaching helps you define S.M.A.R.T. goals and holds space for you to step into accountability during the process of identifying, setting and monitoring goals and commitments that you choose.


Goals that will take you to your next level of excellence.


You will become a better leader

Learn and grow using leadership modalities that elevate you personally and professionally.   


With 1:1 coaching identify and lean into your strengths.  Lead with EQ to enhance your IQ and set your business decision making perspective less stress and more exhilarating. 

Get real results

We are professionally certified coaches implementing proven methodologies to take you and your teams to higher levels of performance.  Our experience (national and international) and passion for developing leaders of excellence is unparalleled.    

The overarching goal of the AHC consultant is to assist leaders in developing customized systems and methods of implementation to ensure business continues to run smoothly.  This often includes renovating internal systems and increasing professionalism to accommodate market forces while simultaneously taking care of the people involved.


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