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Hello I'm excited that you decided to keep exploring and that you found our space.  While technically I created the page this is a space that belongs to each of you and all of us collectively. 

When I decided to put this together, to come out in public, I struggled to think of a concept to carry my goal, to market my concept so that it appeals to the women who need it, women like you and me, and I kept coming back to what I have struggled with over the years..... the need to speak about who I am without judgement from myself or others.  A safe place to speak specifically about my female reproductive body and the course I charted without knowing how to captain my body because my psyche was so jumbled. 


I want to do this with a trusted group of women whose personal goals are aligned with mine and include but are not limited to:

reconnecting with the parts of me that I rejected to please others,

living in wholesome dignity through self respect,

appreciation and celebration of the courage it took for me to explore so many things,

recognising the skills I have that gave me the ability to navigate the challenges I met along that road of discovery,

acknowledging the tenacity and resilience I have to live with the outcome of my actions with pride and empowerment, and

the desire to help other women live in love and joy knowing there is no such thing as a mistake.

Putting words to how we feel is about languaging feelings.  Most people aren't so good at it until they learn and I hope you will take the opportunity to learn here.

For years I tried to express, explain, urge the people in my inner circle to listen, to understand, to help me find a resolution for my deep dispare.  The pleading and begging and imploring always fell on deaf ears.  I was left with the same desolate feelings of abandonment and rejection that I had from the time I'd broken their laws when I was a young pregnant school girl. 


No one wanted to see or hear - they couldn't relate to what I was saying and my rawness and honesty scared them.  It's pretty hard to keep a pregnancy that's going to full term a secret but that's what they believed was possible.  Of course, they weren't living it so in reality, it was embarrassment-of-association with me, the girl who was doing things she shouldn't, that they feared.  What I represented back then was the consequences that could have befallen them.  None of us likes to live with the consequences of our mistakes but in fact we do, every day, every moment, the difference between what I had done and what they had done was the evidence in the form or a baby.  

So, like many others, I've lived with the thoughts and the feelings that if only I had more understanding FOR myself I could change my life, I could be happier being ME.  How could I expect others to have understanding for my plight if I didn't go down that street for myself and really get in touch with who I am.  

After doing a lot of searching and learning I'm in a good space internally and externally but I know it can be better.  I also know I can help other women get where I am without as much struggle.  And, I believe in and know the power of community - the negative use of power in my community caused defeat and disempowerment.  Well, communities also have restorative powers and that's the type of community I want us to create. That's real power, right?  Power that turns the light on. 


So after much mulling it over I decided to create the Mothering in Absentia Movement and this page is where I start SPEAKING and SEEKING.


My blog is a way of speaking about the various thoughts and ideas I have around the aspect of me that has been silenced for a long time but I won't be a BLOG HOG!


After the first introductory post my thoughts on how this will run goes something like this:

Host Blog - Monthly Host - Portion of book chapter Miss Conceiving Mothers 

Member Blog - Weekly - Submissions via email

Facebook Community - MiA

Courses: Ultimate You Program - Heal. Reclaim. Become.

Everyone gets to interact and contribute if and when they want to. 

The standards of engagement here are pretty simple.....whatever is hurtful to you, do not do any other person!  Please read that again because as a member that's also your golden rule.  Only you know if you break your commitment hower if anyone is flagged as being less than respectful to another member then additional values will be invoked. 


Congratulations on taking a huge step : moving back into haromony with who you are is a big shift and it takes a lot of courage.  Clearly you've had that courage for a long long time.  I know you didn't come here by accident and I know it won't be long before you feel right at home here.  

When that happens you'll know it too.  You'll be welcoming others through the door that was such a challenge to open and now seems so simple.



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