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STEP ONE Download Your Positive & Negative Emotionality Thinking Profile Assessment Now ($297 Value)

STEP TWO Reserve Your FREE 45-Min Coaching Session & Professional Unpack via Phone or Face-to-Face ($497 Value)

STEP THREE Come to Your Session Ready to Deep Dive Into Your Thinking Style, Your Behavioural Pattern & Your Pathway Forward

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Meet Your Coach


Hello, thanks for dropping by, I'm really looking forward to meeting you.  I am an experienced Life Coach and International Business Consultant. My services support people in achieving positive change in their lives. With my help, by applying an action-oriented approach you will find a new way forward and master life’s changing situations with amazing energy and inspiration.  You will take charge of your life differently and learn how to focus on turning any crisis into the opportunity of a lifetime.


I work primarily with women but not exclusively.  My clients are women who are longing for more, better, different.   You are not alone in longing for a more meaningful and purposeful career and personal life.  Do you know that  7 out of 10 working women are facing a major crossroads in their lives, and over half don’t know what to do about it until they get a coach. 

The good news is, working with me you CAN achieve breakthroughs – in your life and work, relationships, and in yourself — to create life and work as you genuinely want it. 


I am a coach who provides top-level personal, career and leadership coaching to women who consider themselves worth it. I am your objective, trusted listener.  I use brain-based science and evidence-based methodologies to assist my clients to achieve more, develop better relationships, feel understood, have clearer boundaries, be happier and have more control over their professional and personal lives. 


I provide a safe space for you to talk about all the unspeakable and unspoken stuff that’s shadowing the light in your life.  You are a woman who is willing to invest in yourself to shift the life-stuff you shoved down inside years ago that will not stay put.  You know what I mean, that life-stuff that’s blocking your feelings of satisfaction and joy.  That life-stuff that women who want to do more of what they love with a greater sense of fulfillment and reward are ready to take out, examine, renovate, or remove.  I know this because I’ve been where you are.


Let's have a chat and see if we connect.  What do you have to lose?

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