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Sharon Pearson

Sharon Pearson has been at the forefront of the coaching and personal improvement field for more than sixteen years. She has helped thousands of people improve their lives through Global Success Institute's ongoing training programs and is recognised internationally as the pioneer of the Meta Dynamics™ coaching methodology and profiling tool. She is the bestselling author of seven books, including Ultimate You Quest Edition and Disruptive Leadership. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and coach.

e book + 7 Sessions

Chapter 1 Workbook - Empower Live Claim

Chapter 2 Workbook - Living a Conscious Life

Chapter 3 Workbook - Freedom from Your Tribal Cycle

Chapter 4 Workbook - Being Lovable to Yourself

Chapter 5 Workbook - Mindful Engagement and Vital Needs

Chapter 6 Workbook - Emotional Intimacy

Chapter 7 Workbook - Your Centred Self

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