Critical Corporate Systems Impacting Accountability

Typical systems that directly or indirectly impact the accountability of a corporation are outlined below:  


  • Governance

  • Strategic Planning

  • Budget

  • Human Resources Management

  • Performance Review and Appraisal   

  • Audit (Internal and External)

  • Financial Performance

  • Communications

  • Program Evaluation

  • Legal Compliance and Ethics  

In addition to external regulatory systems corporations need to make greater efforts to develop internal systems and strategies that impact directly on both narrow and broad accountability. Essentially this ensures accountability within the organizational culture. By instituting an interwoven set of systems that help to establish, define, evaluate and update the means by which their employees are made aware of what they are accountable for and to whom, the corporate culture becomes self regulatory.  


Synergy promotes compliance and harmony. 

Critical Business Steps Impacting  Functionality

  • Clarify your vision for your business.

  • Quantify your objectives for the year.

  • Outline how you will work with your team to ensure a team commitment.

  • Identify the referral sources / relationships on your database.

  • Define your existing and new referral sources and how you will strategically market to them to capture their business.

  • Identify the specific accounts you will target.

  • Define the business disciplines that you will follow consistently to ensure success.

  • Outline the specific strategies you will use to develop strong relationships with your referral sources.

  • Calculate the investments necessary for your business.

  • Identify the manager support you need to help achieve your goals.

  • Communicate your objectives to your workforce.

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