With over 45 years combined management experience the team at AHC are well schooled in the mechanics of strong, healthy business principles which many entrepreneurs don't take time to grasp as they rush to develop their ideas.


At AHC our consultants focus on building a strong platform to launch acceleration strategies that increase profits and help you drive quick and sustainable business growth. Using proven business tools including communication and  policy and process techniques we transition and transform your company's energy by growing your people and your bottom line.  We deliver detailed assessments, recommendations, action plans, training and coaching on what you need to do differently to exceed your business growth goals to take your business to the next level.  


Using well researched techniques and methods to transition and transform your company's energy we grow your people and your bottom line. Our team consists of skilled professionals with expertise in Confidence and Perception Team Building techniques, Substance Intervention Strategies, the Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) coaching techniques, and Policy and Process Evaluation and Transformation techniques.   We offer individual and group coaching to improve leadership skills and interdepartmental collaboration. We don't let anything or anyone slip off the table!

Our projects can be short term or ongoing – and we provide remarkable value for money. Our consulting modality looks at the work space on a multidimensional level assessing what and where there are short circuits and blockages then we give you accurate and efficient tools to achieve your big picture goals. Our Business Consultants undertake challenging transitions and effect positive workforce transformations.  We provide you with exactly the right source – for just as long as you need it.


We work on site with your management to discover what your needs are now and devise action plans to strengthen what’s working and transform what isn’t.  We give your people the skills to turn things around quickly ensuring continued growth and productivity. 



The values and ethics of a business, no matter what size, are the foundation of the mission statement and unfortunately this vital tool is often overlooked until chaos rears it's ugly head. We work with senior managment to define the business ethics and values that inform all elements of communication, job functions and decision making.  The mission statement supports everything leadership puts in place: it informs employees, it is reflected in branding and strongly impacts  sales and marketing efforts.  The mission statement of a business plan needs to be real.  We work from the premise that workplaces espousing Respect, Empathy, Acknowledgement and Loyalty (R.E.A.L.) internally and externally will truly prosper.  Regardless of your business strategy internal integrity should be a high priority to ensure continuity of prosperity for everyone. Transparency is not a luxury it's an essential. 


Effective communication is vital in the workplace in order to keep employees engaged and productivity at a maximum. According to an essay on effective workplace communication, the manner in which individuals perceive and talk to each other at work about different issues is a major determinant of business success. 


The people you've invested in are all leaders in their own capacity and there isn't one CEO, Entrepreneur or Individual still in business today who doesn't seek help from objecitve professionals to fine tune their skills and their workforce. We invite you to maximize your Return on Investment by forming a SMART partnership with us today. 


Call now and enjoy the harmony of a well balanced, creative, and purposeful life!


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