Credentialed Master Coach, NLP, Certified Meta Dynamics I & II, Speaker and Trainer, Certified Profiler - Extended-DISC, BA Hons: Pol Sci | Soc | Culture, RGN.

Hello, thanks for dropping in, I'm really honoured that you have spared this time to get to know me.  Like many professionals I've moved around and across a lot of places and spaces globally - learning - formally and informally.  I made a commitment to me and to you when I began consciously focusing on how to synergise both aspects of all that knowledge to help transform lives just as I have mine. 

As a Leader you have certainty and confidence.  Your ability to lead and manage, not just your team but also yourself, is critical to your success.  Your strengths are what others are attracted to.  As a Business Owner you can be riding a mechanical bull.  Wins and losses, accentuated by challenges, take you from feeling excitement and motivation, to chaos, overwhelm and ..... spending too much time 'in' your business.  Why not learn one robust, sustainable framework that transitions across all aspects of life and business?  You control the bull!

I offer researched-based Business Coaching Modalities including the Disruptive Leadership Framework underpinned by the Critical Alignment Model (CAM) to empower driven leaders to reconnect with who they are at their core.  I work with leaders to bridge disconnects that cloud their sense of accomplishment.  You know what I mean, right?  You're successful BUT there's something missing.  

Amplify your innate superpowers through conscious decision making and live life on your terms. Reconnect with yourself through love and appreciation for your core strengths to sustain an aware, aligned, way of being you - anywhere and all the time.  Using well-researched transformative techniques and systems I lead my clients on a journey of discovery and rediscovery to harness resourceful attributes they may have been forgotten or that have been overwhelmed by unresourceful patterns.  My clients tap into a greater sense of confidence, fulfillment, and fun, transforming their careers and personal lives.  They wear their successes as comfortably as kid gloves.  Showing up professionally and personally with an expanded awareness to lead with an open heart infuses success with enjoyment and inspires a life that is resilient, flexible, and fun.

We both understand that people are your biggest asset. Imagine your team operating where everyone is rowing in the same direction. One person's win is everyone's success.  Utilising my Business Partnering experience and being a Master Coach I use brain-based science and evidence-based methodologies to assist my clients achieve more, develop better relationships, feel understood, have clearer boundaries, be happier, and have more control over their professional and personal lives.  My experience in consulting and coaching small business owners across 3 continents, Heads of Government, Family Owned Businesses, Charities and Start Ups has gained outstanding results.  

Notwithstanding this work, my passion is in assisting Successful Women Leaders go from burnout to brilliance. So, if this sounds like a journey you're ready for I look forward to meeting you soon to help you clarify and align your life with purpose.