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CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Individual leaders including business owners from all industries form the core of Ultimate U clients.  They include recruitment agencies, sales consulting groups, precious gem wholesalers, mining companies, coaches, Governments, boutique hospitality, wholesale fresh produce marketers, inventors, educators, ministries, entrepreneurs, charities and non-government agencies. 

We provide services on location and virtually to clients across several continents and Europe including Australia, The United States of America, Africa, Turkey, Israel, Russia, The United Kingdom and Mexico. 

Below is a small selection of the companies I have assisted.  These entities range from startups, established private entities and leading global economies. 


Department of Social Security

Democratic Republic of Congo 

2020-10-02 (1).png

International African Economic Forum         2014 to 2017

Liberian family-owned and operated mining company with not for profit education and outreach. 

2020-08-09 (7).png
2020-08-09 (8).png
kayla dorn.jpg

Sales Enablement 

Software & Training

IT Recruitment & Biz Acceleration

Diamond Wholesale Start Up


Precious Gems

Hedge Fund Group

Congratulations, I am happy to tell you that ANNA HAY CONSULTING was chosen for the 2018 Dallas Awards in the category of Business Management Consultant. The Dallas Award was created to acknowledge the best businesses in our community.  
Blake Thompson Dallas Awards
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