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This questionnaire is intended to help you assess the current status of your business. Every business owner will benefit  from this exercise because it will allow him/her to identify strengths and weaknesses and, thereby, act as an aid in decision-making. If you feel uncomfortable sharing some of the information with Anna Hay Consulting, leave those questions blank, but be sure to keep a completed copy, with totally honest answers, in your files. Update it regularly (review it at least every 6 months – more often if market factors change significantly).

How did you get started?
What is your business model?
Product / Services
Your Legal Structure
Current Level of Your Product/Service Quality
Current Level of Your Customer Satisfaction
Has business operated continuously since then?
Where are you located?
Total # of Employees
Current Level of Your Employee Turnover
What Insurance Do You Carry
Are your Sales
Are your Receivables
Are your Profits
Do you have a written business plan?
Do you calculate your business ratios?
Are your Payables
Do you use Public Business Counselling?
Do you have written cash flow projections?
Have you audited your efficiency?
Do you have an Attorney?
Do you have a written marketing strategy?
Do you use a Business Coach / Consultant
Do you have a CPA / Financial Advisor?
Do you have an "Exit Strategy" for your Business?
Have you borrowed money from family and friends to run your Business?
Do you currently qualify for a Business loan?
Have you ever failed at, or closed, a business you owned?
Have you ever sold a business you owned?
Do you attend business courses, training, seminars, etc?
Are you attempting to save your Business from failure?
Do you keep current information on your competitors?
Do you use Credit Cards to fund your Business?
What type of loan do you have?
Do you have sufficient funds to operate your Business?
Have you used equity investors (Angel or VC)?
Do you want to expand or diversify your Business?
Do you apply effective "Time Management" techniques to your business?
Do you carry a Line-of-Credit for your Business?
What is the status of your Credit Rating?
Are you...
Do you have a Succession Plan?
Do you want to sell your Business?
If so, is it ready for sale?

BUSINESS SKILLS ASSESSMENT: (Honestly evaluate your skills in the areas listed below.  Choose one.)

Finance / Banking Procedures
Accounting / Bookkeeping
Cash Flow Management
Credit & Collections
Management Ability
Inventory Control
Business Planning
Industry Knowledge / Experience
Personal Organization
Ability / Willingness to Obtain Assistance
Market Analysis / Market Planning
Analysis of Your Competition
Advertising / Public Relations
Pricing & Distribution
Sales Procedures & Systems
Customer Service Procedures
Business Legal Issues
Tax Compliance
Licensing & Regulations
Does Your Company Engage in:
Your Quality Certifications:

COMPANY STATISTICS: (Check all that apply)

  ​ BONUS     

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